Inherited hate

What are the driving forces in ethnic conflicts across Europe?

How a mixture of economic problems, dealing with the past and growing up in perpetual separation influences the perspectives of a whole generation. Three journalist report about their experiences of meeting young Europeans in Cyprus, Kosovo and Croatia.

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Populism and reality

About a phenomenon in the latest developments of Europe’s politics

Do you think young people are not interested in politics? You´re wrong! Do you think young people aspire to an open and free European Union? You are wrong! Do you think populism is a new trend? You´re right…

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Europe as a chance for change?

How does the generation separation in Greece, Italy and Slovenia feel about Europe?

Protesting people on the streets, angry faces and burning EU flags. When the economic crisis hit the countries of the European Union from 2008 on, the world was turned upside down for many citizens. People lost their jobs, their savings and some even their hope for a prosperous future.

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Limits of tolerance

When discrimination becomes common culture

Team Discrimination travelled to the eastern external borders of the European Union to report on discriminated minorities and to investigate old resentments. In Latvia the team was confronted with discrimination by law, in Hungary and Romania with discrimination that is quite courteous. In all three countries discrimination is persistent enough to bring out a generation separation.

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Independence movements in Europe

Catalyser for national emancipation or threat to democracy?

Europe was built upon the idea of uniting the people. No easy task of course. Almost every country within the European Union is a mix of different cultures, histories and languages.

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A roadtrip across the continent

Europe is an idea that was well-meant. But in the real world? Parts of an entire generation are growing up in perpetual crisis. Easy prey for dividers and populists. We, 18 young reporters from Berlin, traveled to 15 countries to explore the roots of Europe’s conflicts.

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  • PopulismVoices of fear
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